The big opening

This is my first post; honestly I don’t know what I should write about. I always enjoyed travelling and always try to get to know new countries, new cities, new villages, new locals and so on. Never go back to the same place, because there is so much to get to know in this wonderful world and so little time.

I live in a wonderful city called Lisbon, in a small country called Portugal, but with so much to offer. Up in the North there are beautiful landscapes of vineyards; at Costa Vicentina (south of Lisbon) wild beaches, but there is more to know and that’s why I also travel inside my country.

This year I was given the opportunity to work on something that I really enjoy doing, because it involves my city, photography and travelling. I started to work as Local Expert for Lisbon – AFAR and as Local Editor for Lisbon – Like a Local Guide. It has been a very busy year: strolling around my city, getting to know new places, taking pictures, writing reviews and getting to know new people, very friendly people that always received me with the arms wide open in their shops, restaurants or bars.

I can say that today I love more my city; it gives me such a pleasure to stroll in its alleys and old neighbourhoods. However, my favourite thing in my city is its wonderful light.

This blog, comes from the willing to write more, not only about my city, but about the places where I put my feet in the past and the places where I will put my feet in the next years, hopefully I will get to know many more countries and other cultures.

Let’s see how this new project will run…



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