Arrival. Peru is again in the other side of the immense Atlantic Ocean

Back from a wonderful one month trip to Peru. Time goes by so fast when there is so much to do and enjoy.


In a trip that put together volunteer work and tourism, from both worlds the best that I keep is the wonderful people that I met. Simple people that are so friendly and always ready for a small (or a longer) talk. People that I will keep in my mind.


Having the knowledge of speaking Spanish, makes so easy to connect with Peruvian people and other South American people, so I gained so much from my trips to South America.


A woman selling fruit at the market or at a panadería selling me the wonderful alfajores that I like so much (brought a few on my backpack). An old man that is sitting by my side on a bench. The drivers that took me to beautiful places and talked about their country, their city and their culture. The knowledge so happily passed by every guide with whom I shared some of my days (and other guides that I met on the way). The fantastic kids from Inti Runakunaq Wasin Project (The House of Children of the Sun), that I hope can have a bright future and also all the teachers and others that are helping them to achieve that. The lady that so well received me at her own home (I miss those fresh juices and fruit salads for breakfast). Every Peruvian with whom I made conversation.


Thank you all for the way you received me, you made my journey to Peru a wonderful and unforgettable experience.



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