Fish in Lisbon Event

I do like this event, unfortunately it only happens once a year and I try to go as many days as I can.


And what is Fish in Lisbon about? It’s a food festival, with fish as the main guest of course, and that gathers good restaurants and known chefs, with the purpose of presenting creative fish and shellfish tastings.


First, the entrance costs 15€, unless you are with a group of 5 and so the price is 60€, meaning 12€ per person, in case your group is less than 5 just join someone that is on the queue, it’s better to save 3€ per person rather than being a shy person.


I would suggest going for lunch, basically because it’s cheaper. The entrance at lunch, on weekdays, will give you two food tastings and two drinks of 1.5€, however at dinner and over the weekends, the entrance only gives one food tasting and one drink. Keep the glass till you leave the event or even take it home with you, there is a spot where you can washed it.


Regarding the food and changing the tickets, first of all, don’t loose them, then for food you will have food dishes that can cost 5€, 7€, 8€ and 10€ (can’t remember if there are more prices), 2€ tickets can be given to you as change and you can also buy more food tastings, there are stalls inside selling tickets for food and wine tasting. The drinks basically works the same way, or you drink cheaper wines and you give back 1.5€ ticket or you put more tickets together and have better wines.


The place is quite nice, at Pátio da Galé, located at Praça do Comércio, there is only one problem, with sunny days it can get warm inside.


Before going to the restaurant area, I would suggest passing by the Gourmet Market, here you can taste some products like olive oil with some good bread, chorizos, jam, cheese, sweets (that can be left for the dessert) and also some wine, including champagne (be careful not to get drunk before the meal, it’s quite easy with so many wine tastings 😉 ). There was even a fresh fish stall and the women were screaming to attract customers just like in a market. And if you like something that you’ve tried, you can buy it.

DSC_0010 DSC_0009

Then you have the restaurants area, check all of them before you decide what to eat, I always try to eat something new or different. Keep in mind, that is food tasting, so don’t expect big quantities of food.


For my first day I had creamy lobster soup with ginger and chilli and also cornucopia with salmon tartare and apple; and had only one glass of wine, Periquita. Also the coffee is free.


And there is more, there are activities like show cookings, not only with Portuguese chefs but also with chefs from abroad. If you are into learning how to cook, check the cooking classes. Another activity is wine pairing, creative dishes based on fish and seafood are created to pair with wine.


The event ends on the 13th April, so if you’re in Lisbon, don’t forget to check Fish in Lisbon. It’s a good way to try Haute Cuisine, try different ways of fish and seafood dishes, wine tasting (including liqueurs) and get to know very good Portuguese products like jam, chorizos, cheeses, honey and more.


Don’t forget that Portuguese Cuisine is very good, in my humble opinion, so I bet you will enjoy the event. After visiting the event, lay down at Ribeira das Naus near the river and enjoy the sun, the Spring is in Lisbon.



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