Fish in Lisbon Event – Another Day

Another day at Fish in Lisbon, I had new things that I still wanted to try. First I got scared with this pyramid of crab, my friend had to eat one first (ate all of it) to see that I had to eat everything and no harm would happen. And then I tried….and it was good 🙂 fried crab with avocado and lime sauce, maybe strange to eat, because everything goes down and nothing is left on the plate. I really enjoyed it.


For the second plate, I decided to try a hamburger of cuttlefish with shrimp, the bread was black, I wonder if it was from the cuttlefish ink, probably it was. Once more I really enjoyed the food tastings I asked for. The environment was great, the sun was entering through the glass cover, people were enjoying, it was Friday and this is good life when you can afford to go to an event like this one to try good food, mainly fish and seafood, made by known chefs.


Till next year…



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