Middle East – a great country called Jordan

Despite a civil war in Syria, Israel and Palestine misunderstandings, an Iraq war that burst just few days ago and probably other wars in Middle East; Jordan is still a safe and peaceful place to visit.


You can float at Dead Sea, near Amman, while looking at Israel on the other side or take a boat trip for some snorkeling and barbecue at Red Sea, in Aqaba. Here you will be able to see four countries: Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and of course Jordan. However, it’s quite difficult to enjoy these wonderful and interesting places and not imagine that around all that, there is so much war, protests and riots. But still, it’s possible to visit Jordan and it’s worthy.


Jordan is most known for Petra, however I wonder how many people know how big it is and if they visit more than the Treasury. When you enter the canyon and start the walk that will lead you to the Treasury, you shouldn’t forget to see what is around the corner.


You should go early in the morning if you prefer to enjoy the Treasury without the innumerous tourists and then have a different perspective, a perspective from above. For that there is a path, however not easy to discover by yourself and it’s preferable that you don’t go alone. Don’t forget to bring water, there is some climbing and it can be warm.


Stroll around the area to check for some engravings, like the lion; rocks with beautiful colors (in orange and red tones) and of course the views over Petra. Take advantage of some shades to rest and cool down before heading up to see the Monastery. If you’re too tired or it’s too hot, just ask for a donkey; however you will still have to climb a few steps.

DSC_0360 DSC_0348

Also you can see the Treasury illuminated with hundreds of candles at night, as the path that will lead there. The moon was almost full, creating a spooky environment with strange shadows, letting the imagination flow into dinosaurs and monsters.


For an experience in the desert, book a night in a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum, enjoy a homemade meal and a small glass of tea. Experience a 4×4 drive to get to the camp and to get to know more of the desert, but bring a scarf to protect yourself from the sand. Save some time to appreciate the sunset.

DSC_0514 DSC_0507 DSC_0480 DSC_0439

In Amman, you should visit the citadel; it has great views over the city. Afterwards, head down to the Roman Amphitheatre and to the busy downtown. Not very far you will find a market selling fruit, vegetables, fish, spices and more. Feel the smells and enjoy a Jordanian day to day life. Finish the day with a lemon with mint juice on a coffee/restaurant with a terrace.


I found Jordan conservative but not so much as I thought it will be. The Jordanians are very friendly people and they do look happy to see that some travellers aren’t afraid of what the press speaks about the Middle East.


I definitely recommend Jordan as a country to visit without any fear.



4 comments on “Middle East – a great country called Jordan

  1. Excelente reportagem. As fotos estão óptimas. E os lugares são mesmo maravilhosos! Parabéns por esta viagem incrível.

  2. ashwinbahulkar
    June 17, 2014

    Awesome..I tooo have been to Jordan very’s great,isn;t it?

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