Chasing the Northern Lights in Tromsø

I always said to myself that I would go back to Norway to see the Northern Lights and so I did. I have chosen the city of Tromsø, up in the Northern Norway and the choice couldn’t be better.

I arrived to Tromsø by boat, on the MS Polarlys – Hurtigruten, and the first thing I did in this nice city was escape away from its light pollution. I had booked a dog sledding activity at Tromsø Villmarkssenter, about 30 minutes away from the city.

It was an awesome experience, the scenario was perfect, a dark sky full of stars, the snow shinning like diamonds and then at an unusual time, an Aurora showed up, it was like a big green arc just above my head, I was amazed with the moment.

At night I decided to chase the Northern Lights on my own. Not far from the house where I stayed, there is a beach called Telegrafbukta, so I walked till there. When I was almost reaching the beach I started to notice that an Aurora was appearing in the sky, so I walked a bit further till I found a spot on the stone beach with much less light and it was a perfect spot.

For about an hour, the green light danced in a starry sky, showing sometimes a little bit of purple. It was in front of me and behind, I didn’t know where to look.

On the last night, I went with the pros; I decided to do the chase outside the city with the Arctic Guide Service. We went on a bus, maybe twenty people and the guides; it took us an hour to reach the first place, a beach. During that hour the guides gave us some info about the city of Tromsø, explanations about the phenomenon of the Auroras Borealis and for the ones with intentions to save the moment in pictures, they gave help with the settings to choose on the cameras.

On the beach, hearing the sea, we waited. Warm clothes are mandatory, because it can be quite cold. And the moment we were all waiting for, has arrived, the Northern Lights appeared. It’s so difficult to describe because they change so much, sometimes it was like playing the piano, other times they seem to fade away, just to become wider, but there was a even more special moment, suddenly the sky is illuminated, reflecting on the snow, and it seems that the Aurora is covering me, putting me to sleep, it was all over me, I was astonished. I couldn’t believe in what was happening, it seemed like special effects. Even now I close my eyes and I remember that moment and it feels so peaceful.

And the Auroras kept on dancing with so much activity. If you think the pictures are unbelievable, you should go and see live, it will take your breath away. There on the beach, the Northern Lights had more activity and for a longer period of time, after it looked like they have disappeared, we drunk a hot chocolate, ate some cookies and head up to a frozen lake.

Even at night, the landscapes continue to amaze me; it’s possible to distinguish the line of mountains. It’s a chase, so we went to a third spot, a fjord. Here we not only saw the Lights as we heard whales so close to shore that we could even hear the breathing and see the blow.

It was a fantastic and awesome night, I couldn’t ask for more. Of course Arctic Guide Service can’t guarantee that you will see the Auroras, but if they are out there, they will take you to see their performance in beautiful natural stages.


DSC_1705 DSC_2102 DSC_2148 DSC_2155 DSC_2174 DSC_2197 DSC_2225 DSC_2251 DSC_2268


4 comments on “Chasing the Northern Lights in Tromsø

  1. The Satori Saga
    January 11, 2015

    Wow. Lucky you! Great post

  2. Terry
    December 31, 2015

    Tromso is a dream of mine – those pictures of yours are a valuable collection. I hope you get a lot of pleasure looking over them, I did – thanks!

    • ritaisabelalves
      December 31, 2015

      Thank you 🙂 Just last weekend I was checking again the pictures from this trip. It was fantastic!!!

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