A schist village called Soito, Portugal


Summer is to be spent travelling in Portugal. With so much sun, beaches and mountains; there are a lot of choices for a weekend or vacations.

I wanted some peace and quiet, so I headed up to Center of Portugal to discover unknown river beaches (at least for me). I stayed at a Schist Village called Soito, not very far from Lousã Mountain.

When I opened the window in the morning, in front of me, I could see a green mountain full of trees and only could hear two sounds: the river down in the valley and birds singing and their wing-beat…and sometimes flies passing by. I would take a deep breath and inhale the pine sense.

I was told, by the girl that gave us the key of our house, that there are only 13 inhabitants in the village. She, her boyfriend and their two kids are four of them. Then we met the lady that lives in the first house when entering the village, however not a typical house.

On our Sunday morning walk, we met two old ladies at one of the streets, we chat for a while, hearing their stories. I wonder how often do they speak with other people, besides the village inhabitants. How lonely must they feel during Winter time, since in Summer the emigrants come to the village, to their rebuilt houses, bringing life to the small village.

But they live as a community. There was a list posted at the café with the names of people that gave money to build the washing tanks, just like the one at my grandparents’ house where I used to do some laundry; and another list of expenses and receipts from the last festivity.

Just before the bifurcation to the different trekking tracks, there is a swimming pool with water from the river and the view is stunning.

The village is not that far from Lisbon, less than three hours by car and in 30 minutes you reach the municipality of Góis. The road is curvy, but it’s worthwhile the trip.

Arriving to the village, I would say that many people live there, we can find many houses. However some are falling apart, others are waiting for the emigrants to come back. Maybe one day, there won’t be anyone left.


View from the house


View from the house


Village Café


A village house


Window village


A cat at the window


Birds singing


Village’s swimming pool


Village street


4 comments on “A schist village called Soito, Portugal

  1. saltofportugal
    August 7, 2015

    Great photos!

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  3. António Marques Almeida
    November 21, 2015

    Very good.

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