Discovering river beaches in Portugal

I like to go to the beach and I must say that most of the times I go to the coast. I like to hear the sea and give long walks when the tide is low. But there are so many river beaches in Portugal and I had to go and find some; so I stayed at Soito, which has many beaches nearby.

The first one is Srª da Piedade, very close to Lousã. I enjoyed the view of the castle while bathing in the stream S. João, the water was not very cold. There is a low jump board, some stone tables to have a picnic (in the morning they are in the shade). Also there is a restaurant, beach bars, showers and sanitary facilities. There is not a lot of space to park the car, so it is a good idea to arrive early.


River Beach Sra da Piedade

Next is Poço Corga. This one has more people, since it has a parking lot. It’s located in the Ribeira de Pena, southern side of Serra da Lousã. You can lie down in the grass or under a vineyard. There is a lifeguard, children’s beach, picnic area under the trees, beach bars, restaurants, showers and toilets.


River Beach Poço Corga

The day is ending, but there is still time for more beaches on the way home. The next one, it’s not what a river beach is for me, Rocas is a leisure complex, animation, fun and too crowded. And you need to buy a ticket to get in.

So, before we get home, we visited two beaches in the municipality of Góis (Peneda/Pego Escuro and Canaveias), both in the river Ceira. At Peneda, there is a small sandy island and the restaurant has a terrace over the river. Passing the bridge, there is a very nice path beside the river, with trees reflected in the water. This beach is located just few minutes from the historical town centre. The beach of Canaveias has a large lawn area and also a sand area; is a little bit further, around 10 minutes. It was sunset time, so there were not a lot of people, just peace and quiet.

River Beach Peneda/Pego Escuro

River Beach Peneda/Pego Escuro

Along the river at Peneda/Pego Escuro

Along the river at Peneda/Pego Escuro

River Beach Canaveias

River Beach Canaveias

On the road, I spotted an alluring place, called Cabreira. The houses seemed to be empty, but it’s possible to lie down in the sand, just be cautious when swimming because the site is not watched. There is an oil press dated 1876.



On Sunday, we first visited Mosteiro, located at stream Pera. The water was not cold but the floor was a bit slippery even with proper shoes to swim. There is plenty of lawn to lie down and there is a bar/restaurant with terrace.

River Beach Mosteiro

River Beach Mosteiro

The sun was getting quite warm, so we headed up to Fróia; and we had a picnic under the trees in the shade, overlooking the beach. It came to my knowledge that there was an announcement just the Monday after we have been there, that the beach is closed due to the lack of water. When we were there, we heard some locals speaking of how low was the river level. It’s located in a small valley and it has a recovered mill and a cascade. Nearby there is a restaurant.

River Beach Fróia

River Beach Fróia

The last beach we visited was already on the way home, I have already been in this one, some years ago. It’s very close to a train station and also close to the reservoir Belver. Ortiga has a pier, so you will probably find motor boats and Jet Ski, however they usually move away, so you won’t probably hear them. There is a restaurant/bar with terrace, a floating pool and it’s possible to rent canoes. I think this beach was the most crowded one, but there is still space for the towel. However there are not many shades (just some sun umbrellas) and it can get quite warm.

River Beach Ortiga

River Beach Ortiga

Every river beach is single, the landscape is always different and there are much more still to discover.


4 comments on “Discovering river beaches in Portugal

  1. A Wandering Memory
    August 9, 2015

    Ha we have those also… its very unique concept – but a neccessity in these hot climates

  2. saltofportugal
    August 9, 2015

    Great post about river beaches!

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