Namibia roads – in the middle of nowhere

I traveled so many kilometers in Namibia roads. Looking straight ahead and seeing an endless road, I could only think where is this road leading us to? There was nothing around us but arid areas, not even a small town, sometimes we would see someone walking close to the road, but heading where to? There is nothing that we could see, we where in the middle of nowhere.

During the long hours spent inside the bus, while some people were sleeping, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the window. Even with small changes in the landscape I got addicted to the emptiness and to the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, which lasted for almost the entire trip in Namibia.

However, in nowhere you would find a restaurant full of different types of old cars, even an ambulance; or a toilet (four walls of wood and that is it) because there was not a single bush; or a small town with 92 inhabitants (and increasing) called Solitaire.

The road doesn’t have a finishing line, just keeps going straight ahead to a kind of oasis that will show up in the middle of nowhere.




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