Lisbon and I on Swiss TV

Becurious TV


My beautiful city, Lisbon, has appeared on Wanderlust by BeCurious TV, a Swiss TV channel, with a little help from me 🙂

This Summer, I was invited by BeCurious TV to collaborate on the episode about Lisbon. I didn’t think twice, I had to accept, there is always time to talk and show Lisbon.

After some exchange of ideas, a bit of Public Relations (which I much enjoyed, wonderful people I have met) and strolling through the city; the final montage is ready and was LIVE yesterday.

In 15 minutes, you can see some of my choices of places to visit, to eat or to hang out and other choices made by others. Of course, Noobai is on the list; one of my favourite places in Lisbon where I can enjoy a beautiful sunset and where I am always welcome. By the way Noobai means in creole: We go.

But Lisbon has so much to offer, it wouldn’t fit in a 15 minute video, so nothing like coming to visit Lisbon and its unique light.

Check the link:


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