Mongolia: the silence, the fresh smell, the beauty and the friendly people.

Mongolia. I happily say that I have been there and I want to go back. Which words should be chosen to describe this country? None, there are no words to describe the feeling of being in a spot and having a panorama view of 360 degrees. Pictures? Not even the best ones will give justice to this unique beauty.

Making a stop at a ger and being invited by the family to enter in their home, where fermented camel milk and biscuits are offered, it’s overwhelming. It will give you goose bumps, it’s hard to imagine that someone would open the door of their own home to a bunch of strangers that are just passing by in Gobi desert and welcome you to their home where you will take a seat in their bed or just on the floor and stay for a bit, while they keep on with their daily routine, like round up the sheep. Or why not buying one of their sheep and join them for dinner; and afterwards camping outside while a powerful thunderstorm strikes outside, which was a little bit scary being in the middle of emptiness and inside a tent, but beautiful to admire the bright light covering the Mongolian sky.

The kindness of Mongolian people is amazing, it’s quite unbelievable in the world where we live today, that there are still people that will stop to give you a help with a broken van or to show you where is the best spot to cross the river. And they will do it with smiles and laughs.

It was quite an experience to travel through the bumpy roads of Mongolia, trying to deviate from disorientated cows and sheeps, but also from yaks, who would jump like crazy (there were also some humans jumping for pictures). Having some adventure in an attempt to cross a river, where one of the vans started to sink, and I was on first row. Life is an adventure and this is quite an adventure to keep in my memories.

Travel is also about our partners in crime and I had the best ones I could wish for. How 13 travellers, 2 guides and 4 drivers could match so perfectly? How it’s possible to be a total of 19 people and never feel you are in the middle of a crowd, because everybody connects with each other. Now alone in an airport I remember every single happy moment I had we all of them. And it was quite obvious how happy we were when we finally crossed every river so that we could reach the Hot Springs, or else we wouldn’t jump off the vans and started to dance and sing. And that was only possible because of the awesome 4 drivers. I just wish it would be easier to learn Mongolian so that I could talk more with them; but even not understanding a single word, it was quite nice to listen to them. And now the saudade strikes, that powerful Portuguese word with no possible translation. A strong feeling of missing someone, someone that will be so far away.

But our memories will be full with our smiles, our adventures, our laughs, our incredible bonding, our toasts with vodka (never thought I would enjoy vodka, probably the company helped) and our parties, even the silent one. Remembering now the strong hugs I got from everybody on our goodbyes and how I wish I could have more of those, even when I had probably ten from my rommy. The tears are coming to my eyes while I start to realize that the adventure is over and each one is heading to different corners of the world.

So my friends, I leave you with a music, not exactly one to dance; so let’s share another bottle of vodka and make a toast.

And I’m not making more speeches…that was damn hard!

See you soon.

Johnny Cash – We’ll Meet Again

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3 comments on “Mongolia: the silence, the fresh smell, the beauty and the friendly people.

  1. Nicholas Peart
    June 20, 2016

    Great post and photos! Mongolia is one country that I am very curious about. Hopefully one day I’ll get to see it

  2. Evi Binder
    June 24, 2016

    Your summary of our Mongolia trip well. Love the sun shine almost every morning.

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