Planning Next Trip – Ecuador, South America

Travel is more than a destination, a country where you will travel to get to know it and to know its culture. It’s the entire journey, from the moment you choose where to go, to the day where you see the last picture, sitting in your living room.

After the plane ticket is bought, some chills go through your body and the thought comes to mind…I have a trip to plan…I’m going to Ecuador!

Where should I start? With a specific number of days to travel, it’s not easy to decide which places not to visit, because there is not enough time, but there should be enough time to enjoy and appreciate the places where I will be, to enjoy the company of a local with whom I would like to have a chat.

The excitement begins to grow to high levels, as an itinerary starts to take form, reading about what to do, highlights, what to eat, which markets to visit and so on. Seeing other ones pictures and soon being able to say: “I’m here to see it live and to keep it in my memories”.

A great short film that I found out just few weeks ago, expresses so well the feeling of travel. It’s not easy to find people with whom you connect so perfectly regarding travel. Here is the link to The Eternal Traveler Syndrome.

A little bit more than a month and I will fly to Ecuador.


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